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Wakil Rakyat untuk kerusi

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Democratic Action Party

Kenyataan dan Janji

My hope is for Malaysians to have a better Malaysia for all. 

  1. To restore the courage to imagine among Malaysians
    We live in a system created by the few, for the few. Many have thus given up on imagining a better Malaysia. I’m committed to encourage people to come together for change, and for youths to regain the audacity to imagine for a brighter tomorrow.

  2. To create a government who works for the people
    For a long time Barisan National leaders have dismissed the voices of the rakyat. A government should always put the people first, and proactively improve their wellbeing. I promise to actively listen and become a reliable advocate for not just the people of Ayer Keroh, but of Melaka.

  3. Reform the system, for a clean and efficient state government
    Malaysians are no longer protected by the laws as those in power are manipulating the systems to their own benefit. I’m devoted to uproot corruption and carry out political, institutional, economic, and social reforms to ensure fairness and justice for the rakyat.

  4. Bridging the distance between citizens
    To ease heavy traffic around important landmarks and tourist attractions in Melaka, my vision is to create free bus services to connect tourist spots, business districts, hospitals and transportation hubs, in order to reduce commuting time and cost for the people, thus creating a more efficient Melaka.

  5. Regulate property prices and build affordable housing
    Property prices in Melaka have soared due to an oversupply of expensive properties, and undersupply of low-cost properties. I hope to regulate property prices with consideration for varying demands among the people, and build affordable options especially for first-time home buyers.


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